Butterick 4790: the walkaway dress

B4790, Misses' Wrap Dress

The Walkaway dress has been popular for a few years, and I was very excited to see it on the Great British Sewing Bee – this was a real pointing at the telly and grinning moment. My other half gave me a really funny look.

A few years ago I’d bought the pattern and finally found a weekend to sew it in. I found some scrap fabric to make up a trial version and cut out the smallest size, but when I held it up to myself I found that the bust and waist were way too low, everything was too big, and worst of all the inside part of the neckline sat just on the edge of my shoulders. As someone who was very new to patterns (and to be honest, this is still the only one I’ve attempted) adapting it enough to fit was out of the question. So I put the pattern to one side, looked at the picture on the front, and had a think… And my thoughts led me to find the fitted shift dress in my wardrobe and take a shape for a dress off that.

So far so good! I had a new dress that fitted well and even had a pocket. What does this have to do with the walkaway dress though? Have a look at the back…

The straps are fixed at the shoulder, and have a few buttons stitched on top…

The buttons allow another layer to be added. This was made of spiderweb mesh to be properly goth and stuff. Once it’s all put together you get something which looks remarkably like the walkaway dress, but is a bit more adaptable, and more importantly fits not-quite-midgets!


2 thoughts on “Butterick 4790: the walkaway dress

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