Refashioners 2015 community challenge

The Refashioners 2015 is running over at makery, and they’re having a community challenge alongside it. You just need to get a shirt and turn it into something different. I enjoy clothes surgery / refashioning, and needed a push to get on with some sewing, so this seemed perfect.

shirt1I went to the not-quite-the-local charity shop (the nearest one, which is very well priced, is only open in the mornings) and got a rather expensive shirt. £6! Wow. And it needed a good wash. But anything for the sewing eh…

I had a few ideas, and I think I need to go and get a few more shirts and work through a few of them. But I kept coming back to my obsession with the walkaway dress, and that this shirt was rather large (maybe you can see on the other-me who’s wearing it in this photo) so there was enough fabric to make something nice with it. I got way too distracted to remember to take photos during making it, so here are a few after shots and some details.

Oh, and fair warning, I’m not good at having my photograph taken. But it meant I got to stand in front of the sweetcorn jungle in the garden 😀


Note to self – if you’re going to start off by investigating how the corn are growing, make sure the shirt is still sitting right afterwards… Anyway, I turned the shirt into a piratey top! Don’t look too closely at the quality of the sewing, particularly the straightness of the stitching on the bias binding – must remember to sew it on differently if I’m using the Ikea machine as the speed can’t be controlled that easily. Details!


Back slightly hitched up to cover bra strap :). I used the rest of the front buttons to make the back section, to save having to do any extra sewing. Then I added a bit of extra fabric to the front and some hook and eye tape I bought in Chicago. Then I made a pattern for a circle skirt type part and sewed it on. I need to iron it a bit better though – the parts at the front *do* match, but one is sticking up at the moment!


6 thoughts on “Refashioners 2015 community challenge

  1. I love this! You did a great job, I already have a plan for my shirt for the challenge, but once that’s done I may have to go get another shirt to make a shirt simirlar to yours!


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