Me made May part 4

Finishing off the me-made-May posts. I’ve enjoyed doing this – it has been a little hard work, given that I have a wardrobe full of shop-bought clothes and just a few me-made ones, but has made me look at my sewing plans and what I like, and what other people seem to like (based on facebook likes).

Day 20: wrap top which I want to have its own post.

Day 21: very fuzzy photo as I didn’t take it until late. I went to London for my best mate’s birthday lunch, and it was at a posh restaurant with a dress code of ‘stylish’. I don’t do stylish, particularly not in me-made stuff… but I remembered this dress and had just enough time to hem it. Made some years ago (before I understood fabric direction) but not fully finished, this was a self drafted pattern based on a photo of a dress on ebay. The neckline is as it is because it was cut from a vest top I bought for the fabric.

Day 22: *no photo needed* I wore a pair of skinny combats, which were taken up (because I’m a shortarse) but were also my first attempt at taking trousers in at the waist (as I apparently have a hollow back). (I used to have a sindy doll with an actual hollow back, she kept spare hair in it). (Used to? Hmm. *waves at sindys and my little ponies in the spare room*…)

Day 23: refashioned skirt shown on this blog a few posts ago. I took the skirt up and made some pockets from the bit I’d removed.

 Day 25: Stella Dogfish modelling the day’s necklace. At this point I was getting worried about the last few days of the challenge and what I’d wear…13198512_10154049656926023_2942560600485921980_o


Day 26: maturity is overrated t-shirt. Properly suitable for meetings with important people at work. Adapted from a boxy boys t-shirt. I have a lot of adapted Spongebob t-shirts which I wear for lectures. As the exam was over and done with I decided it was time to get them out again.

Day 27: Another necklace.

Day 28: 90s style skirt made from 90s hippy wall hanging. My husband didn’t want to throw it out, but it had been in storage for years. It was the perfect material for this sort of skirt. This got several compliments when I wore it to church.

Day 29: an attempt at a chainmaille necklace.

Day 30: another self drafted pattern. Because it was sunny the day before (but not on the 30th) I thought a sundress would be a good plan. It does up at the back with lacing but needs some boning or switching to a zip. Urban camo ghostey print 🙂


Day 31: a day of being ill, so I snuggled up in my self-drafted dressing gown (or luxury robe, as I wanted to call it after the sewing bee). Grumpy face = people calling me Darth dott.



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