My first pattern

Long time no post. Again. I booked some time off over the summer, bought some fabric – and then spent the time looking after builders. Oh well.

Anyway, I’ve been sewing for years, but I’ve never made something from a pattern (other than those make your own cuddly toys, and things from a magazine where you cut out squares of certain sizes, and toys made at school, and…) – okay I’ve never made a proper item of clothing from a pattern. I’ve done lots of altering, and lots of making things up. I tried to use a pattern once – the walkaway dress – but as shown here I quickly chucked the pattern away and made it up, based on the picture on the packet.

img_4214I picked this one to start with – a very simple wrap skirt that I could work out how to make based on the picture, just in case reading a pattern was too complicated.

First impressions – cutting out the pattern takes a *long* time. After half an hour, my impression was, why aren’t I half way through already?? I should have most of a skirt by now. Next impression – this sewing based on a pattern is annoying. And then – why do I need all these notches, *yawn*.

But then I started putting it together, and realising how nice it is when someone has worked it all out for you. Apart from some bits about the hems and edges that I couldn’t figure out. I checked the measurements and cut out a size 10, neglecting to read the bit that talked about ease. Once I’d sewn it together it became clear that I should really have read that bit. Cue a swift addition of some darts at the front. I couldn’t take in the sides because of the pockets, so it’s a bit too large on the hips. But pockets! Yay pockets. I wore this at a conference in Atlanta over the summer and it was great – cool enough when outside and warm enough in the air conditioning inside. It needed cycling shorts underneath though. Photos below – please excuse the dirt, side-effect of all the building work.



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