My second pattern

For my second pattern I decided to go for a tween pattern. Why? Because my measurements are closer to an age 11-12 year old than a real adult, so I thought this would require less alteration.

img_4215smPanda thought that this would be sensible too. He likes sewing, we watched Sewing Bee together. The other creatures think it’s boring… He picked this pattern and the fabric, and we decided to make the normal vest version – with an adaption so that the straps on the front were the same colour as the back.

I carefully checked the measurements on the packet (which ones? the only ones) and decided to cut out an age 14. I didn’t discover that this company marks the amount of ease they give on the pattern pieces until too late… So this is how it ended up – too big, armholes too large, and rather too long.


img_4218smCan you tell panda chose the fabric? Unfortunately, it gets worse on the back… I’m not sure what happened here – this was when I switched from the overlocker to the normal machine to do some top-stitching. It was fine a while ago and still fine for non-stretchy fabrics, but it was just dragging the fabric into the feed and stretching it. Ugh. I couldn’t leave it like this. Besides, it was too big and too long, so today we got out the scissors and tried again.


We cut out the green band and the fabric which had been stretched. Then we stitched the back piece back together again. Then added a new green band to the yoke. Then stitched it together, and got rid of some of the length by making a bottom band. It’s not finished yet – I need to do some hand sewing to stitch a few bits in place and tidy up the overlocking ends, but it’s closer to done!


img_4222smTired Panda!



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