Threadcount 1613

For my third pattern I chose the Threadcount 1613 dress, which came with Love Sewing issue 32. This is what it’s supposed to look like.


I loved the look of the dress, particularly the wider skirt option, and had some green taffeta which I’d found on the extremely cheap Bradford market stall, and as the back of the packet suggested that as a fabric it seemed a sensible option for pattern number 3. It also claims to be a beginner pattern.


I sat down with Panda and we started going through the instructions. Erm… I found this one quite a lot more difficult than the other two patterns, despite it being labelled beginner. It was hard to tell from some of the pictures which way up the pattern pieces needed to be and how exactly they fit together. Still, we got the bodice together, and realised it needed some major alterations. We also looked at the skirt pattern, and realised it asked for so much fabric because it was floor length (for dotts).


You can see how badly the top bit fits on other me. So I started altering. I made the skirt about half the suggested length and did not include the ruffle underneath. I pulled the bodice in at the sides, and then a *lot* at the back when I added the zip, to try and stop it gaping at the front. I also raised it about 2″ at the front and 4″ at the back to account for the fact the shoulder pieces were too long for me (but already sewn together).


And here is the result! Yay, pockets :D. It doesn’t look too bad from the front. The hem is wibbly, but not too bad for my first go at using bias binding on a hem. The back isn’t quite as good, it’s pulling a bit from the alterations. I had also sewn down the two folds on each side as they were bulging out and looked really bad (I’m not sure why these are on the pattern in the first place, I can’t see their benefit).


Here’s the hem,


And obligatory aah my photo’s being taken I must act stupid photo,


And finally, I treated myself to some Nominette labels!


Next I think I’m going to go back to one of the teen patterns I’ve bought, as they have fewer alterations to do to fit.




2 thoughts on “Threadcount 1613

  1. Hello. This is Amy the editor of Love Sewing. I wanted to let you know I think you’ve done a great job and hope you’ll try the pattern again now you’ve made it once. You’ve worked out your adjustments which is one of the hardest thing for new sewists and that hem doesn’t look wibbly from here.
    Looking forward to seeing more lovely garments from you.


    • Hi Amy, thank you so much! I need to think about the adjustments a bit more (the shoulders definitely need to come up a bit, which might sort the back issues). Next on the list though is one of my age 12 patterns. I have a beautiful dress which needs to be made and should fit well. Unless I get distracted by the dress on the front of the latest edition of your magazine :).


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