Simple Sew Utility Skirt (Sew Now magazine)

Sew-Now-2-Front-Cover.jpgThere’s a new sewing magazine out, a sister mag to Love Sewing. In the second issue there was a utility skirt – what I’d call a combat or cargo skirt, because of the pockets on the sides. I am a bit of a sucker for this style so I decided as my Christmas treat, after two months of frantic teaching and no sewing time, that I would make this skirt. Of course, I didn’t account for the fact that after such a frantic 2 months I’d do the usual teacher trick of coming down with every single bug I’d sort of half managed to fight off during term…

Anyway, this was my first experience with printing out a pattern and putting it together (I’m making it sound like I have a lot of experience with normal ones, but nope!). It added to the putting together time, but was pretty simple to get it together and cut out the right size.

Getting the skirt together was slightly confusing. Some of the instructions seemed to be missing – the extra bits for the button plackets (?) weren’t on the layout diagram, and there were no instructions for what to do with the interfacing. I made this up and started sewing anyway. I added a couple of darts at the back to make the waist fit better. This turned out to be a good thing, as the waist band didn’t seem to have a seam allowancce on the side where it did up – I’m really not sure what I did there… So the skirt became slightly smaller than expected, but a quick move of the buttons means it’s snug but does up. I also took about 4″ off the length for shortarse reasons.




I have another metre of the fabric left (a twill type fabric I found on a new stall in the market for £2 a metre) so I may have a second go and add a bit more room. It’s a great style and I love it. And I should remember that the fabric creases a lot when you sit on it…





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