Me Made May 2017

I, dott, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May’17. I endeavour to actually wear the things I am making now that I’m learning to use patterns. That’s 4 items so far, but I will also finish the thing that just needs buttons and a hem.

The sewing has taken a back seat recently, as we’ve been dealing with the after effects of a burglary. Fortunately we came home before they started opening boxes and throwing stuff everywhere in the craft room as well, but that meant we got to interact with them a little, and there is now a scar (nearly zig-zag shaped) on my forehead. I’m waiting for my magic powers to kick in. So my spare time has been mostly cleaning, tidying, and dealing with the admin. More still to be done…

So this means that I get to Me-Made-May with less enthusiasm than last year. This year I’ve decided to use it as a push to wear the things I’m making while learning to use patterns, instead of being scared about them falling to pieces. Today I finished off the Cotton & Chalk Sunday Set pinafore dress, and I’ll try it on later and see how well it works.

One thing that has come out of the burglary is my lovely new thread holder. They took two of the drawers from my jewellery box (and the contents of the whole thing, drawer of unusual clip on earrings included!) and I was about to throw it out, while also looking at craft room photos and wishing I had some shelves for threads. A bit of duct tape and cardboard later…

20170417_142250.jpg This is the jewellery box with the missing drawers. I took some cardboard and made two layers per shelf (with the corrugations at 90 degrees to each other) and then duct-taped the layers together.








I used one of the remaining drawers for very small rolls of thread, and then put other reels onto the shelves and the pockets on each side. I still need to add something to stop the threads from falling over when put in the side sections, but it’s pretty good!






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