Cotton & Chalk Sunday set

For Me Made May I’m trying to wear the things I’ve made from scratch. There aren’t too many (there are a lot more I’ve altered/refashioned, which filled a lot of me-made-may last year) so I’m concentrating on wearing the things I’ve made recently while learning to use patterns. I’m wearing them at the weekends (just in case they’re not made well enough!).

For the first weekend I finished off and wore the Cotton & Chalk Sunday Set pinafore dress, which was free with Simply Sewing last year sometime. I wasn’t sure if it was my style, but it was stuck in my head and had to find its way out somehow.

View from the back. The fabric is black with white clouds all over it. Wearing it, I feel like I’m channeling my inner children’s’ entertainer. Or my outer children’s’ entertainer (given that a couple of weeks ago I was making balloon animals at a fete).

View from the front – complete with cheesy grin. There are in-seam pockets which are a good size for keeping things in, and a patch pocket on the front which is very well placed and sized for a phone.

The back has my first ever overlapped zip. It turns out that trying patterns is great for learning new skills! And if you think you can see an extra buttonhole, no, don’t be silly, I certainly didn’t put the buttonhole on the wrong bit of the waistband first…

The skirt is a circle skirt, which has a lot of volume. Circle skirts require a certain amount of spinning (and putting the photos on a blog requires a certain amount of checking because the fabric I chose is quite light and the skirt lifts up when spinning).

So what do I think of the pattern? It’s great – but maybe a little bit silly for work. Mind you, I normally wear cartoon t-shirts for work, so perhaps this is too sensible. I checked the measurements and cut the XS bib part and skirt (I am 4’10” and a half and scaled to fit) but cut the S in the waistband as it looked like I needed that from the measurements given – as the skirt is so gathered I thought this would work. I couldn’t find finished garment sizes on the pattern pieces, despite it saying they were there. By the time I had it pinned on my other-me it was clear that I needed the XS after all, so it got taken in a bit. I cut around 5″ off the straps. If I made it again I’d make the bib slightly shorter, and make the straps narrower. I also wouldn’t put the buttonhole on the back in the wrong place. I would never do that.

Before I go – look! Pocket phone!




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