Buttericks B6178 culottes

I’m not sure about culottes. At one of the schools I went to, one of the teachers wore them – and I was amazed! The practicality of trousers but the look of a skirt… But my mom really hated them, and I was the right age to take on her opinion. I’ve watched the trend of them over the last year or so with confusion. When I saw Love Sewing had the Buttericks B6178 pattern as a free gift I was disappointed as I thought there was no way I would ever make them.

I was wrong.

For some reason I couldn’t get them out of my head. The fabric that was set aside for an attempt at the Simple Sew Ruby dress got cut into for these instead. Although to be honest I probably didn’t have quiet enough fabric for that one anyway…

Here’s me in culottes. See me not be quite convinced.

(Please ignore the breeze which has blown the front of one leg up – they’re a lot straighter at the bottom than they look!)

(Do you like my pea-arch by the way? There are beans too, but peas! Yeah! On an arch! Although admittedly you can’t see them on this arch. The one behind the photographer is now covered in them.)

Still not convinced. But wait…

POCKETS! And it’s not a skirt! (Hmmm. Should I show this photo? The last time I had a silly one it was the one that got picked to go in a magazine… 😦 )

View from the back. The fabric creases somewhat…

I quite like the view from the side. For some reason these make me want to make flying kicks though. At this point my pet photographer scarpered in fear, and Panda is too small to use the camera. And The Dog isn’t really interested, she was probably inside drinking gin and eating chocolate buttons.


What fabric is this?

Erm… I dunno… It’s really soft, feels a bit like thick silk but almost certainly isn’t. It came from Bradford market when I had an accident on the £1 & £2 a metre stall.

How many times did the seam ripper come out?

Twice. Once for the side seam (which still isn’t quite right but it’ll do), and once for the waistband as I’d managed to reverse one of the pockets when a pin came out.

What size did I make?

From the measurements I should have been an 8, but I measured up the pattern pieces and decided to do a 10 as I’m used to quite a bit of ease. I ended up taking everything in while making them, to somewhere around a 6-8 on the waist.

If I made them again, what would I change?

I’d either put in an invisible zip, or more likely an overlapped zip. I’m not a fan of the exposed zip look. Also, the one I used is a bit stiff. I would also need to do something about the crotch size. Possibly just by shortening everything a bit. At the moment it falls just a little bit too low, which looks fine but rubs. I may also try the narrower version.

Would I have made them based on the photograph on the packet?


Will I actually wear them?

I’m not sure. Possibly. I can’t quite decide whether I like them, or if they’re too billowy and look like clown trousers. But the fabric is so light and it’s nice wearing something skirt-like and not having to worry about wearing leggings underneath, so they will probably get worn for a bit this summer while I decide. And there are pockets, which make everything better.


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