Fabric boxes

I’ve been organising things today – getting the house prepared before term starts. I’m not sure where the summer went to… I made some fabric baskets for putting patterns in, and someone on facebook wanted instructions. This is what I wrote, so I have a record.

How I made these: I did it this way so I could use different fabric on each side on the outside. There are loads of tutorials for fabric baskets online and lots of the magazines have done them before, so there will be much better places to look up how to make them :). My making notes are below.

Outer fabric –

  • 2 x end pieces. I cut mine about the height of a small pattern packet, and width of the pattern + 1cm on either side. The baskets become shorter as some of the height is used up in the seam allowance, and some goes into the turn-over.
  • 2 x side pieces. Same height as the end pieces, and long enough to sit comfortably on the shelf, plus 1cm on either side.
  • 1 x base piece – should be the width of the end piece along one side, and the width of the side piece on the other.

Interfacing – I used whatever I had that was big enough. The tougher the interfacing, the stiffer the box will be.

  • Cut the same as the outer fabric, minus 1cm on each side.

Inside fabric

  • Cut exactly the same as the outer fabric.

How to make

  • Attach the interfacing to the outer fabric.
  • From the outer fabric, take one end piece and place it right sides together with one of the side pieces (the height side should match). Sew them together leaving a 1cm gap at the bottom. Do the same for the next end piece and the side piece, so you have a loop of fabric.
  • Pin the base piece into place and sew. The 1cm gap is to allow you to bend the sides over. Hopefully this makes sense when you try it :).
  • Do exactly the same with the inside fabric.
  • Now you should have two fabric box shapes (without a lid). Place the inside fabric one inside the other fabric one. The outer fabric should have the right side on the outside, and the inside fabric should have the right side on the inside, so you don’t see any seams. At this point I made a few small hand stitches in each corner to hold the two pieces together.
  • Fold the top edges of the outside and inside boxes inwards by about 1cm and pin – you shouldn’t see any raw edges now. Sew all the way around the top edge, about 2mm from the edges of the fabric. Sew another line about 5 mm below this (I used a different decorative stitch on each side – this will become upside down when you fold it over!).
  • Turn the edges over by about 2cm and press.
  • I added a rectangle of cardboard at the bottom to add more strength.



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