Button pocket bunting

Bunting! It’s great. You can hang it up and it looks pretty.

See! It’s all pretty colours and everything. And some of the fabric has dogs on, and Dogs make everything better. I saw similar bunting with buttons on in pictures online and thought they made it even prettier, so decided to have a go. But… What’s that?

Oh! Inside these ones, you can hide important stuff like sweets, jewellery, and tiny teddy bears… 😀 (I’m not sure if the ones I saw photos of had pockets in).

Some very poor instructions for you, complete with photos from my phone 😀

  • First I made a template using a handy flyer from a sewing magazine. I folded it into a kite shape, where the lower portion was the length I wanted the bunting shape to be.
  • Cut three pieces of fabric. One full kite – this is the back face which folds over the top; one large triangle (shown in photo 2) – this is the front piece; and one small (top) triangle – this sits underneath the pocket. I added 1cm of seam allowance around the edges, and an extra 0.5cm for the bit where the two triangles join together (third photo).


  • If you want to add interfacing, add it here. I didn’t bother this time as I was exploring.
  • Fold over the top of the large triangle and sew a seam. Do the same for the base of the small triangle.

  • Pin the kite shape and the two triangles together (shown above) with right sides together. Sew around the outside (I used an overlocker just because it was handy) and then turn right side out (using the gap between the two triangles).

  • Top stitch around the edge, 1-2mm in from the edge.
  • Make a button hole at the top.
  • Sew a button on to the large triangle pocket piece to match. I did this step by hand, so I didn’t sew all the way through (as if you do you won’t be able to open the pocket).

  • Sew a ribbon along the top small triangle piece, making sure not to sew over the edge of the large triangle pocket piece.

  • Hide important stuff inside!






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