#2018makenine – the Patti Pocket skirt

#2018makenine make number 1 is the Patti Pocket skirt, by Amy Nicole Studio. This was supposed to be made between Christmas and going back to work, but then I got ill instead. It took me about 1 whole day of effort to print out (including setting up the printer), one whole day to stick together, another whole day to cut out the paper pattern… and then it was time to struggle back to work as teaching was starting. So after that it took me a whole weekend to cut the fabric out, and another whole weekend to sew together. I have been on slow mode…

What fabric is this?

The tree fabric in the pockets is a quilting cotton picked up from Oh Sew Crafty. The black is some expensive fabric bought from the local fabric shop many years ago. It took a lot less fabric than I thought so I have leftovers.

How many times did the seam ripper come out?

Some… Mainly for the waistband again (my usual problem point). After doing the pleats I found that the waistband was too short, so I extended it a bit (I’d had that problem on another skirt). I put it together, felt very proud of myself, then tried it on and found that the waist was huuuge. I hadn’t got the pleats together properly… So off came the waistband, pleats were re-done, and the waistband went back on again.

What size did I make?

I measured up as somewhere between a 0 and a 2. Looking at the finished measurements, there isn’t much ease, so I cut a size 4. This was probably an error and I’d have been better off for the 2, to get the fit / styling like on her webpage.

If I made them again, what would I change?

Not much! This is great for my height. I would possibly shorten it a bit, and maybe not bother with the hem facing to simplify it a bit. And I would pin and check the waistband before sewing it on.

Will I actually wear it?


Yes. It went on straight away and then straight into the wash and then straight onto the ironing pile, where it stayed for a little while, and then as soon as it was done it was straight back on again.

Those pockets are huge. How many Dogs can you fit in them?

I’m glad you asked…

Eight. Although now they want carrying around all the time. Oh, and you can fit more in them too. What’s that in my pocket now?

It’s a bottle of gin! So there you go. Perfect skirt for when you want to smuggle booze and/or Dogs into somewhere.



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