Dennis the Menace day

Happy Dennis the Menace day! (so called because on the Sewing in the UK Facebook group I wasn’t the only person posting about clothes made from Dennis fabric today).

My friend Eternal Magpie makes some amazing things from old duvet covers, including my favourite Dennis the Menace corset. She recently linked to a Dennis duvet cover, and I found a different one on ebay and bought it.

How cool is this? I was hopeful that the other side was the red and black version of the print, and it was. Hurray!

I reverted back to my old way of sewing, of cutting and pinning and working out what it should look like, without using a pattern. I can see how my skills have improved from using a few patterns now though. So here is the first item from this pile of fabric – a lovely skirt, with pockets :D.

Pattern matching on the sides (I am very proud of this):


And finally, pockets 😀


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