I wasn’t expecting that…

So yesterday I took a break from the housework to read the latest Sew Now magazine. I hadn’t been able to find it in the shops so bought it online. I read my way through, only to find…


Oh look, it’s my garden!

Sewing time has been rather limited recently. Hopefully I’ll get some more time over the Easter break.


Vote Dog!

Hi! I’m dott, and I’m a physicist / juggler / crafter. This is a space to put photos of some of my projects and keep a record of how things progress.

I like sewing – this is good given I’m a somewhat unusual size – 4’10” and a bit, and scaled to fit. I’m aiming to sew more so I have a wardrobe full of clothes that fit, rather than just sort of fit. I also have a very short attention span which means I try lots of other crafts.

The Dog would say hello, but she can’t be bothered.